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Kevin W.C. Kwock

M.S./Ph.D. Candidate in Electrical Engineering, Columbia University
Graduate Research Assistant, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Office: 10M Northwest Corner Building
Address: 500 West 120th St, Mudd 220, New York, NY 10027
Email: kevin [dot] kwock [at] columbia [dot] edu

Hello there! My name is Kevin and I was born and raised on O‘ahu, Hawai‘i. I grew up in the most intense, yet loveable, immigrant family. I attended Punahou School (yea, go buff 'n blue!) and am proud to have attended Case Western Reserve University in the quaint embrace of the American Midwest. There, I received my B.S. in Engineering Physics and B.A. in Music, with a concentration in Piano and Harpsichord studies. Upon graduating, I did a 180º on my promise to head west, and went east instead to start my M.S./Ph.D. Electrical Engineering studies at Columbia University. And here I am now, completing year 6 (out of 6) in my M.S./Ph.D. program with the coolest group of researchers in nanoscience, led by nano-optics expert P. James Schuck.

Currently, I spend 3/4 of my time in New York, NY, the other 1/4 at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Albuquerque, NM, and whatever possible time I have left back at home.

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Directed Energy Professional Society Scholar
Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs – International Fellow
SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholar
DOE NNSA Laboratory Residency Graduate Fellow – Los Alamos & Sandia National Laboratories
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program – Honorable Mention
QISE-NET Fellow – University of Chicago
National Physical Science Consortium Fellow – Los Alamos National Laboratory